PREMIUM TRUST EDUCATION has recruited hundreds of students to study abroad in nations all over the world over the course of many years. We have helped people fulfill their dream of studying abroad with HIGH SCHOLARSHIPS, follow-up, and assistance during their study abroad with the motto: PRESTIGE – QUALITY – EFFICIENCY. 

PREMIUM TRUST EDUCATION has partnered with and represented some of the world’s most famous colleges, including those in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia

When you visit PREMIUM TRUST EDUCATION, you will be carefully guided by a team of experienced advisers, who will take the time to listen to your questions and provide you with all of the information you need to get started on your study abroad journey.

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TRUST has helped hundreds of students and parents achieve their dream of studying abroad. They have put their faith in us and chosen us to accompany them through the process of applying for a study abroad program because: 




Thanh Customer

TRUST has helped my family of 12 to all obtained an Australian visa to visit my sister who currently live and work there. Previously, all of my family's Canadian and American visas were entrusted to the Trust Company for assistance.

Trinh Business Partner

We have been relied on TRUST and indeed, pleased with the quality of English and Indonesian translation service for the past 5 years. Since I am also busy with my work, TRUST has helped me with all the documents belongs to Indonesian experts such as visa extension and work permit, legalization of consular. Simple procedure but provides fast and quality result.

Chị An Business Partner

Our company has partnered with TRUST in translating documents to finalized immigration applications and foregn investment. TRUST's translator team is highly specialized and meticulous, so they provide fast translation with absolute correctness.

Hung Customer

My kid is currently studying in America, he now married and become a permanent resident. Thanks to TRUST, me and my wife had easily obtained and extended visa. We will definitely return to TRUST for their service again.

Tram Customer

I'm a single mom. With my background and age, visa application for Canada is pretty difficult. Some of my acquaintances introduced me to TRUST to get assisted. Finally, I obtained a 10-year Canada visa out of surprise.