Studying abroad in Australia allows you to access to one of the best educational system in the world. Currently, Australia is the home to seven universities that ranked in world’s top 100. Australia’s educational system has produced scientists, businessmen, engineers who have made significant contribution to their field. This community is always proud of those who have studied, worked, and made significant contributions to the country and the world.

To further your education in Australia, you must meet certain conditions. So what are the requirements? What was the price? What are the things you’ll need to get ready? … In this piece, TRUST Company will address more frequently asked questions.

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You must be accepted into an Australian school.

You must ensure that you have received a confirmation of enrolment from an Australian University, College or Academy. Conduct a throughout research on those to select the profession you truly enjoy and a school that is appropriate for you to further your education

You must have a detailed study plan in Australia and return to your home country after graduating. 

You must show that you have a clear study plan in Australia and that you want to return to Vietnam after graduation. If you can demonstrate that you have a definite educational goal as well as show the Australian government that you adore your home country and will return to serve it, your registration will appear more believable and persuasive. 

You must be able to afford it. 

Financial proof should be a priority for international students in Australia, since it is a key aspect in determining whether or not your application fits the eligibility requirements to study in Australia. 

At the same time as the visa application, proof of financial capability and source of income must be submitted. If the student does not provide sufficient documentation to verify the family’s financial ability, the Australian Consulate maintains the authority to deny the visa application right away. Students who wish to study abroad must ensure that they have access to financial resource.

You do not need to present financial proof in your Australian student visa application at the immigration office if you apply for a bachelor’s or master’s degree at one of 41 participating school since “The Knight Review” was approved by Australian government.

Provide the Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student (AASES) form as confirmation of satisfying the financial capacity criterion if you are a secondary exchange student.

Provide a letter of support as proof of satisfying the financial capacity criteria if you are sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or the Department of Defense.

Proof of Finanicial ability is divided into 2 parts

– Proof of the amount of money you’ll need to study abroad and where it came from.

– A savings book or a Bank’s Student Loan Agreement might serve as proof of your study abroad planning funds.

The bank is responsible for determining your family’s ability to pay before you can sign a credit contract. The visa office will trust and recognize your family’s financial ability once you have met the bank’s standards.

Banks that provide student loan: ANZ, ACB, Sacombank, Techcombank, Maritinebank, HDbank..

Financial evidence documentation required:

– Documents certifying the financial sponsor’s relationship with the international student

– Financial sponsor’s commitment letter – Financial sponsor’s ID card

– Real estate ownership paperwork, saving books

– Salary list, labor contract, and business registration certificate (if any)

– Tax payment credit, Credit line contract

You must be in the appropriate age group to study in Australia

To study in Australia, you must be at least 6 years old to be given a student visa. International students under the age of 18 must have a plan in place for their wellbeing while in Australia (Welfare arrangements for students under 18). Students under the age of 18 will not be permitted to study in Australia unless they meet the following criteria:

– With the presence of a parent or legal guardian

– Staying with relatives who are suited

– Your school provides an accomodation certificate, a commitment to support, and suitable provisions for general welfare issues.

You must meet the English requirements

– Secodary, high school: not required

-College, University, Post-graduated: Required

You must meet academic requirements

Academic performance will determine the conditions of study in Australia, which will differ between schools and degrees of study. However, there is still more options for average students.

FoundationCompleted Year 11 in Vietnam
Post-graduateGraduated university in Vietnam
Consider research abilities and working experiences
UniversityMust own a Secondary Certificate in Australia (Year 12) or similar foreign certificate.

You must meet the English language requirements

You’ll need an IELTS or TOEFL certificate.

For those who do not have sufficient foreign language abilities to meet the requirements for studying in Australia, you can enroll in English courses at universities to fulfill the prerequisites required for the main course. However, since the number of weeks to study English is now limited to no more than 40 weeks, you must still demonstrate your English at a certain level. 

After fulfilling the above requirements, you should then prepare these to make your application stand out.

– Visa application form 157. You must complete all fields, including your study and work background in Vietnam.

– Form 67, a detailed relative declaration. You must name all of your relatives in Vietnam, Australia, and other nations in detail.

– Passport.

– 04 new photos of size 4×6 cm.

– Notarized copy of household registration book with all pages.

– Curriculum vitae in Vietnamese certified by local authorities. In it, include a detailed study history at all schools as well as courses and work history during your time in Vietnam.

– A notarized copy of the birth certificate.

– You must submit a notarized copy of your marriage certificate if you are married.

– Documents showing your present job (if you have worked), such as a labor contract or a corporate certificate stating the job and the amount of time you spent there.

– A letter of confirmation from an Australian university or college. The course fee must be stated in the letter, as well as the fact that you have been officially admitted.

– Proof of health insurance coverage for the duration of your study.

– A letter outlining the study plan. This will be one of the most important factors in hastening the examination of your application. A precise and organized study plan will persuade the consular official to assess your application. The amount of persuasion you demonstrate in your plan will most likely determine how long it takes to apply for an Australian student visa.

– Copies of most recent and highest diplomas, certificates, and transcripts in Vietnam

– A letter of confirmation from a parent or guardian is required for students under the age of 18.

– A certificate of scholarship is required if you obtain a scholarship from an Australian university or government.

– Documents demonstrating that your family’s financial status is sufficient to cover all of your study, eating, and travel expenses while you are studying in Australia.

Cost of studying in Australia

Most asked question? The following are the costs of studying abroad:

Tuition fees

Level of educationCommencement DateEstimated tuition fees
English LanguageAnytimeAUD$300-400 per week
Secondary CollegeAUD$8.000-$14.000 per annum with 4 terms
CollegeFebruary, July and OctoberAUD$10.000-$18.000/per year
UniversityFebruary, July and OctoberAUD$17.000-$30.000 for Bachelor
AUD$17.000-$30.000 for Master or PhD

Accomodation cost

Type of AccomodationEstimated Cost
DormsAUD$320-1.000 per month
HomestayAUD$400-1.000 per month
MotelAUD$350-500 per month
RentAUD$300-1.300 per month

 Other costs

– Depends on your financial capabilitites.

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