As we know! Switzerland is a peaceful, beautiful and rich country. In addition, Switzerland is one of the countries of the European Union, also known as the Schengen area, which attracts thousands of international students every year to come here to study and experience. Switzerland is one of the leading countries in the field of hotel and restaurant management, tourism and finance and banking with outstanding quality of advanced education worldwide.

Switzerland is also likened to the cradle of the hotel and restaurant management industry with a model of training senior managers in famous hotels and restaurants. Most of the hotel, restaurant and tourism management programs here are taught entirely in English to facilitate students’ deep understanding of the major to easily combine theory. and practice .

In addition, the Swiss degree that trains hotel and restaurant management and banking and finance is famous all over the world, so this is also a special reason why international students choose Switzerland over the country. is different.

When it comes to education in Switzerland, everyone knows that it is a country that favors practice rather than theory and earns a salary of up to 2,718 CHF ( 50 million). For the Swiss study abroad route, 5 months of theory, 1 month of rest, and 5 months of paid practice are HTMI’s program. As for BHMS, it’s a bit different: 6 months of theoretical study and 6 months of paid internship.


The entry requirements of  Swiss schools for levels are as follows:

– About learning :

For Diploma, University (Bachelor), it is necessary to have a High School Diploma  and high school transcript with a GPA of 6.5 or higher.

For Post graduate, Master, you need a University Diploma, College Diploma and a score with a GPA of 6.0 or higher.

In addition, to study abroad, Switzerland is not an exception that requires input on English proficiency:

– As a rule, the hotel and restaurant management schools require IELTS 5.0 or higher for Diploma and Bachelor programs.

– Post graduate and Master programs require IELTS 6.0 or higher.

– About Swiss financial procedures:

Vietnamese students have the advantage that they don’t need to prove their source of income, but only need one book to save 700 million VND



Typical entry conditions for international school HTMI is also one of the schools specializing in training hotel and restaurant management.

Bachelor's degree in hotel and restaurant management. Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management4 years
Certificate =>Diploma=>Higher diploma=>Bachelor
January and August every year- Graduated from high school.
-17 years old and up.
– IELTS: 5.O.
Certificate in Hotel Management (HM1).One yearJanuary and August every year– Completed High School Graduation
– IELTS: 5.O, TOEFL 450 or
take the test of HTMI
Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management (AB2)Three yearsJanuary and August every year– Have HM1 certificate or are studying
Hospitality University in Vietnam;
– IELTS: 5.O.
Postgraduate Certificate (For Undergraduate Students/Graduates and No Work Experience Required)One yearJanuary and August every year- Any university degree
- 20 years or older.
– IELTS: 5.5.
Pre-Master and Master of Business Administration majoring in Hotel ManagementTwo yearsJanuary and August every year- Graduated from university with major in related field
interested and experienced in doing
1-2 years related job
– IELTS: 6.0

Specific tuition fees of HTMI school:

(Currency is Swiss franc – 1 CHF is equivalent to 23,000 VND)

For more information about conditions, routes and costs, please contact TRUST .



Bachelor of Hotel Management: (A joint program with Robert Gordon University Aberdeen in Switzerland is transferable to the UK)

Duration of study: 3 years

+ Requirement: High school graduate; English score equivalent to 5.0 IELTS and through the school’s interview.

School fee 2017Shool feeRegistration feeMeal feeAccommodation feeOther expenses (Insurance, internet fees, facilities)Total fee
Year 1 Diploma24.1005001.8003.6002.50032.500
Year 2 Higher Diploma25.1005001.8003.6002.50033.500
3rd year Bachelor Degree26.1005001.8003.6002.50034.500
School fee 2017Shool feeRegistration feeMeal feeAccommodation feeOther expenses (Insurance, internet fees, facilities)Total fee
Year 1 Diploma24.1005001.8003.6002.50032.500
Year 2 Higher Diploma25.1005001.8003.6002.50033.500
3rd year Bachelor Degree26.1005001.8003.6002.50034.500

Master of Business Administration Program in Hospitality and Restaurant Management (MBA Degree)

Duration of study: 2 years

+ Requirement: Graduate from University / College; English score equivalent to 6.0 IELTS and through the school’s interview.

School yearSchool feeRegistration feeMeal feeAccommodation feeOther costsTotal fee
1st Year29.1005001.8003.6002.50037.500

Degree M.Sc. Degree:

Duration of study: 1 year

+ Requirement: Possessing a certificate of hotel management (HM1) from BHMS or studying at a university majoring in hospitality in Vietnam, English equivalent to 6.0 IELTS

+ Tuition fee: 29,900 CHF including 1 year tuition fee and 6 months’ accommodation costs.

The detailed tuition fees are as follows:

School yearSchool feeRegistration costMeal feeAccommodation feeOther expenses (Insurance, internet fees, facilities)Total fee
M.Sc. Degree26.1005001.8003.6002.50034.500

Post graduate Diploma Culinary Program:

Duration of study: 1 year

+ Requirement: Possess a high school diploma or a university degree in a related discipline, with English equivalent to 5.0 IELTS

Graduate Certificate Program:

Duration of study: 1 year

+ Requirement: Have any university degree, English equivalent to 6.0 IELTS

YearSchool feeRegistration feeMeal feeAccommodation costOther costsTotal cost
1 st Year15.7009001.80050018.900

Preparatory English Program:

Duration of study: 3 months

YearSchool feeRegistration feeMeal feeAccommodation costOther costsTotal cost
1 st Year5.6009001.8005008.800

* Note that all are in Swiss francs,  1 CHF equivalent to 23,000 VND

Courses usually start in January, February, April, May, 7, 8, October and November.

  • Tuition fee includes: Airport pick-up, internship arrangement, insurance fee for 12 months, accommodation for 6 months at the school, registration and enrollment fees, library fees and internet fees, etc.
  • There is an English preparatory course for students who do not have IELTS certificate to keep up with the main course program when studying deeply in the major.

=> Information about the two schools HTMI and BHMS above are 5-star schools that are famous for their quality teaching standards around the world.

Entry Requirements:

Pre UniversityBachelor's DegreeMaster's Degree
Graduation Degree and transcriptHigh School and transcript or higher degree and equivalent transcriptBachelor degree and transcript
5.0 Ielts or equivalent5.5 Ielts or equivalent6.0 Ielts or equivalent


  • Tuition:

–           Application fee: 500 CHF

–           Registration fee: 300 CHF

–           Pre-university, University: 19,800 CHF/year

–           Master: 24,800 CHF/year

–           Doctorate: 24,800 CHF/year

  • Tuition fees do not include UK dual degree program fees or Berjaya affiliate programmes, UK double degree fees depend on the dual degree institution the student chooses, the cost will vary depending on popularity of that school, if the student is in need of MGW or the IBAS school will provide a list of additional costs to receive a dual degree for the student.
  • Living expenses (meals, transportation, internet…): ranging from 600-1000 CHF/month depending on the spending level of each student
  • Housing costs: ranging from 650-750 CHF/month (if students share a room with 2 or more people)
  • Insurance: about 1000-1500 CHF/year


Currently, international education organization MGW and IBAS are offering scholarships from 10-50% of tuition fees for the entire school year for all students. The number of scholarships is extremely limited, maximum 20 students per country, covering all study programs. Therefore, those who register first will be considered first. Priority is given to students with IELTS 6.5 or higher.

List of reference schools

STTTên trườngĐịa điểmHọc phí và sinh hoạt phí (CHF)
1BHMS (Business & Hotel Management School)Lucerne29,500
2Học viện HTMiSoerenberg thuộc bang Luzern25,000
3International Business Academy of Switzerland (IBAS)Jurich27,800
4Đại học Swiss IH&HWeggis28,000
5SHML (Swiss College of Hospitality Management Lenk)Lenk, Bernese Oberland28,000
6Học viện Quản lý khách sạn Thụy Sĩ SHMSMontreux28,500
7IHTTI (International Hotel & Tourism Training InstituteNeuchatel29,700
8Đại học EuropeanGeneve, Montreaux28,000
9Trường Quản trị Khách sạn Du Lịch César RitzValais, Luzerne29,000
10Đại học Quản trị Khách sạn quốc tế Montreux (HIM)Montreux34,000
11Đại học NeuchatelNeuchâtel2,600
12Geneva Business SchoolGeneva29,000
13Đại học ZurichZurich2,160
14Đại học GenevaGeneva1,500
15Đại học BernBern2,250

For more information about conditions, routes and costs, please contact TRUST .

Benefits of studying in Switzerland

  1. International students receive an international Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from Switzerland or the UK.
  2. This is an ideal country to cultivate more languages: English, German, French, Italian, etc.
  3. Study programs in Switzerland are diverse, popular and suitable for practice, including 6 months of theory, 6 months of paid internship (minimum CHF 12,500 (USD 12,800) / 6 months) depending on the capacity of the student. every international student.
  4. In addition, international students have the right to choose where to practice at large restaurants and hotels in Europe such as Spain, Germany, France, etc.
  5. The school side guarantees to introduce internships in countries around the world if international students want to experience in another country or introduce jobs to students at Swiss restaurants or hotels. Sy.
  6. After graduating from school, students will be introduced to work for 2 years in European countries or the United States. Visa application documents and procedures will be done directly in Switzerland.

Cost of applying for a Switzerland Student Visa:

– Fee for translating documents into English or French, German if necessary and fee for notarizing the documents.

– Visa application fee: 70 Euros

IV/ Apply for a Switzerland Student Visa:

The first is to apply for an invitation letter from the school and usually students will wait from 4-8 weeks depending on each state in Switzerland to receive an admission letter from the school, then proceed to apply for a student visa to study in Switzerland. Students need to prepare a study abroad application 6 months in advance to have time to prepare for each stage.

Notes on Visa application

– All visa application documents must be translated into English or French, German, Italian. Then it is notarized according to the regulations of the Consulate.

– Students studying abroad in Switzerland need to have an IELTS certificate of at least 4.5 or higher.

– Students studying in Switzerland with a French, German or Italian language program need the required certificates and may receive an interview request from the Embassy.

Procedure for applying for a Switzerland student visa

During the process of applying for a Swiss Visa, please note the following:

– Students need to book an appointment in advance to be able to apply for a visa/visa. No application will be accepted without prior appointment.

– Visa application fee (70 Euro ~ 1,800,000 VND) is paid directly to the Swiss Consulate General when submitting the application.

Where to apply for Visa and interview at Switzerland embassy

For all long-term student visas or Tourist Visas, after completing the  Visa application, students will  schedule an appointment to submit the application through the TLScontact center.

When scheduled, students apply for a Visa at the  Consulate General of Switzerland  in Ho Chi Minh City. As usual, Visa results will be available after 20 days from the date of application at the receiving center. Visa results will be sent to the student’s home address registered or collected directly.


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