Are you a football fanatic? Come to the country where football is a religion!

Are you passionate about cars and speed? Come to the hometown of Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes,… and experience the highways with no speed limit.

There is a country with more than 25,000 fairy-tale castles for those who love architecture.

Do you like bread and hot dogs? Do you know any place that has more than 300 types of bread and 1000 types of hot dogs?

If it’s a coincidence that you like all of the above, then you must come to Germany right away! Do not worry about costs, study conditions, … read all the information below and let TRUST study abroad consulting company support you if you have any doubts.


In Germany , some places are free of tuition fees, each year paying just over 300 Euros for student management fees + public transport tickets for 1 year. The rest of the places charge very low tuition fees.


Germany course700 – 800 Euro
School fee1000 – 1400 Euro per year
Postgrad fee1000 – 5200 Euro per year

Costs of Living (Accommodation, eating)

Accommodation fee200 – 250 Euro per month
Insurance30 – 65 Euro per month
Meals100 – 150 Euro per month
Phone number15 Euro per month
Total345 – 480 Euro per month


Germany has nearly 350 general universities and universities of applied sciences  with about 17,500 training majors. Particularly for engineering majors, home to world-famous brands of Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, etc., there are more than 3000 training programs. Degrees in Germany are highly regarded and recognized globally, so you can rest assured to choose the following majors: Humanities, engineering, natural sciences, social sciences and economics.


You can completely achieve your dream of studying in Germany without having to worry about finances. Take a look at the following types of scholarships:

– DAAD Scholarship

This is a government scholarship, applicable to many different levels of study. There is a comprehensive database of scholarships here so you can easily find the one that’s right for you.

– Heinrich Böll Scholarship for International Students

International students can apply for Heinrich Böll scholarships for Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees. This scholarship program opens online applications twice a year.

– Deutschland Stipendium Scholarship

Outstanding international students will have the opportunity to receive 300 euros per month through the Deutschland Stipendium scholarship program. This scholarship is half-funded by public – private organizations, businesses and individuals. The other half is funded by the federal government.

– Kurt Hansen Science Scholarship

The Kurt Hansen Science Scholarship is open to international students who plan to become faculty members in the field of science. This program is funded by the Bayer Foundation. Types of study for which scholarships are offered include academic projects, internships, summer courses, preparatory and supplementary courses, and science teacher training sessions.

– University scholarships: Contact Blue Sea study abroad consulting company for support.


Conditions to study in Germany for those who have not graduated from the University:

(1.) Students participating in the National High School Examination 2017 need to satisfy the following conditions simultaneously:

  • Participate and pass the National High School Exam with independent tests: Mathematics, Literature, Foreign Languages and an elective combination exam (Natural Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Complex of Social Sciences: History, Geography, Civic Education). It is not acceptable to use the Certificate of Foreign Language as a substitute for the Foreign Language exam.
  • At the National High School Examination, a minimum total score of 36 must be obtained (including six subjects for the Graduation examination, no multiplier, no rounding), in which no subject is less than 4 points and at least four exam subject no less than 6 points.
  • If you are admitted to the Regular University Training System at a Vietnamese university, you can be transferred to the Pre-University in the same major group.

(2.) If you meet the conditions in (1.) and successfully complete four semesters of regular college, you can be

  • transfer directly to the first year of a University in the same Faculty group, or
  • transfer to Foundation Studies and not be restricted to majors.

(3.) If you graduate from College, you can be transferred to Pre-University in the same major group.

(4.) If you graduate from College and successfully transfer to University (Fifth Semester), you can transfer directly. There is no need to pass the University Foundation to enter the first year of the University, but may still have to pass a professional test or oral exam to see the real ability of the Student and must meet the German language requirements ( DSH 2, TestDaF 4, DSD II etc.).

(5.) If the conditions in (1.) are met and have a DSD I or DSD II Certificate and confirmation by the DSD Coordinator, they can be transferred to Foundation Studies and are not restricted to the Sector group.

(6.) If you are planning to study at some of the following universities, you need to take the TestAS: Universität Bremen, Universität Freiburg, Universität Hamburg, Universität zu Köln, Universität Leipzig, Universität Mainz, Universität Potsdam, Universität Regensburg etc.


TestAS: is made in German or English (should have B1 level to do well) and includes the following sections:

+ Language test (Sprach-Screening, Language Screening), online on computer, about 30 minutes

+ Main part (Kerntest, Core Test), normal written test, 110 minutes

+ Specialized section, also normal writing test, from 145 – 150 minutes and divided into groups:

+ Humanities, Culture and Social Sciences,

+ Science and Technology,

+ Mathematics, Information and Natural Sciences,

+ Economics.

The registration schedule and expected exam dates for 2018 are as follows:

⇒ 13.11.17 – 18.01.18 for the period on 27.02.2018,

⇒ 29.01.18 – 12.03.18 for the period of 21.04.2018,

⇒ 04.06.18 – 10.09.18 for the period October 27, 2018.

DSD: Is a German Certificate for High School Students who have studied German regularly, taught by German Teachers who have received Professional Training and Development in the DSD Program.

+ DSD has levels (from low to high): DSD I and DSD II.

+ To study at a University or Graduate School in German, a DSD II is required.

+ DSD is currently only able to study and take the exam at the Foreign Language High School for the Gifted and at the Vietnamese-German High School.

+ DSH: Is a German language test organized by Universities in Germany and valid for all Universities in Germany.

+ DSH has levels (from low to high): DSH 1, DSH 2 and DSH 3.

+ For undergraduate or postgraduate study in German, the minimum requirement is DSH 2, for Medical or Language majors it can be DSH 3.

+ Replaceable Certificates DSH 2: TestDaF 4, DSD II, Feststellungsprüfung and Goethe-Institut C2 Certificate.

+ DSH can only take exams at Universities in Germany.

TestDaF: A German language test organized centrally and globally (similar to IELTS or TOEFL) for the purpose of studying at University or Graduate School in German and valid for all Universities. University in Germany.

+ TestDaF has levels (from low to high): TestDaF 3, TestDaF 4 and TestDaF 5.

+ To study at University or Graduate School in German, the minimum requirement is TestDaF 4, for Medical or Linguistics can be higher.

+ TestDaF can be taken at Goethe-Institut Hanoi, Goethe-Institut Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City or Vietnam-Germany Center (Hanoi).


 study route:

1Find out about the right Universities, Colleges, and Universities in Germany
2Prepare the necessary documents and documents to submit the APS Verification, to apply for University / Pre-University admission in Germany, to open a Study Abroad account, to apply for a Visa
3Register for the TestAS . exam
4TestAS exam
5Get the results of the TestAS exam
6Submit APS Examination Documents to the German Embassy in Hanoi (by the end of February and the end of August every year for graduate level)
7APS interview (in May and November every year for graduate level)
8Get APS Certification
9Open a Study Abroad account at a Bank
10Submit your application for admission to Germany
11Receive admission notice / Invitation letter to participate in the entrance exam of the University / University Preparatory School in Germany
12Submit Visa Application to the Embassy
13Get Visa Result
14Preparing to go to Germany


List of schools offering postgraduate programs in English for reference

1Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
2Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München 
3Technische Universität München (TUM) 
4Universität Freiburg 
5Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) 
6Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 
7Georg-August-Universität Göttingen 
8RWTH Aachen University 
9Freie Universität Berlin 
10Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn 
11Universität Hamburg 
12ESCP Europe

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